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New on the Homestead: Nigerian Dwarf Kids!

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Wyatt comforting our new goat kids on the ride home.

3 days ago the (human) kids and I brought home two beautiful little babies. They are both Nigerian Dwarf doelings with blue eyes. They're so tiny!

The older and larger one is named Danuwa (duh-new-wah), which means "close friend". The little one is Folasade (click for pronunciation), which means crowned with wealth/honor. I really wanted them to have Nigerian Yoruba names to reflect where their ancestors came from.

Danuwa checking out her new digs.

Tiny little Folasade on her first day home.

It was not easy to find mini does, so I'm glad I found Neverest! I think I found their site by searching through a breeder list on a mini goat registry website. After a few emails back and forth with Desirae I sent off a deposit to hold two babies that hadn't even been born yet. When kidding season kicked in and it was my turn on the waiting list to choose my babies, I picked these little girls.

Danuwa was born on March 18th and Folasade was born on March 24th.

Danuwa and Folasade playing with Wyatt.

Nick rewarding Carson for ignoring the goats while Jack and Lucy look on.

Wyatt got to hold them while we made the 2 hour drive home with our babies in tow. He fell in love... hard. We all did!

When we got them home we gave them their lunch and proceeded to give them the grand tour of Blazing Bear Homestead. They checked out each room of the house, spent some time in the playset turned goat run, tested out the bridge the kids made for them, met Carson and the horses. It went very smoothly and they took it all in stride.

Folasade is so little that I'm using a kitten bottle to feed her.

Folasade wearing her pink sweater.

We're so glad to have them home. They are so much fun to watch: goat parkour! They're also very snuggly and affectionate, and they both have their own personalities. Danuwa is fearless and smart, definitely a go-getter. Little Sade is observant and more careful, and definitely more vocal.

Danuwa standing on logs in the goat pen.

Danuwa kisses!

I've already taken a million pictures of them because they're always doing something cute! Welcome home babies!

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