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First seeds of 2022 are in the dirt! Zone 4B/5A

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Check out this seed haul! Nick and I were shopping at our favorite store a few weeks ago and found the seasonal area was changing over from holiday to seed starting stuff. WOOT! The racks of seed packets were still chock full so I started combing through all the beautiful envelopes looking for seeds we don't have yet, and special varieties of others that we do. We ended up with a pile of goodies including flowers, herbs, squash, and veggies.

Seed haul packets

First things first... setting up a potting bench. I didn't want to do all of this in our dining room again this year, so I moved one of these awesome workbenches Nick made for me into the laundry room in our basement, right across from the sink. It's the perfect spot! Easy to clean up, easy to fill up my spray bottle, and not a big deal if I make a bit of a mess. I have everything within arm's length: tools, soil, amendments, spray bottle, pots, seed starting trays, covers, saucers, ect.

Potting bench

Being that it's still January and it's so cold, I thought I was going to have to wait a month or two to get seeds started. But what about Winter sowing? I'm a total newbie gardener but I know this is a thing, so off to YouTube. After watching some video tutorials like this and this I'm feeling pretty confident this is going to work. So luckily we have a bunch of plastic jugs and bottles saved that can be made into tiny green houses, and give us a head start on the growing season!

Winter sowing seeds in recycled milk jug

Here is the very first jug just about ready to go outside, just needs some tape! I'm going to use the Winter sowing method to start many more seeds, and also start seeds in trays when we get closer to Spring. For now, it's just so nice to get my hands in the dirt. Happy gardening!

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