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Carson the Rescue Dog- A Day in the Snow

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

A photographic ode to our little dude, Carson. We adopted him from Happily Ever After, whom we highly recommend working with. They got him from the humane society in Madison after he was on the loose for a couple of weeks, and was brought in by a lady that found him sitting in the back of her car; ready to go for a ride.

Happily Ever After had him for almost a year, and we just can't figure out how he got passed up for that long. He's amazing! Sure he has a few quirks, but he has many many MANY more awesome qualities.

He's about 10 years old and full of life. Besides being so irresistibly cute and derpy, he reminds me to let go of the past and live in the moment!

These pictures are from a few weeks ago when we had gorgeous fluffy snow clinging to every bough and beam. Carson is in doggie heaven sniffing around in the woods and playing with sticks!

"Let's see what there is to smell today"


"There's critters in there, Mom"

"Look it's right there!"

"So fast... faster than a bunny"

"Maybe if I LEAP into the snow"

"Dang... lost 'em"

"Not sure if it's easier to sniff around with all this snow"

"I wonder what she means by 'handsome'"

"Time to warm up, let's go!"

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