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Farm Fresh Eggs

Laid by our flock of Helens.  We have a variety of French Marans hens and a few Welsummers.  Our hens are curious, clever, and capable.  This is our first flock and we purchased them from Hoover's Hatchery as day old chicks in March of 2021.  They started laying at 4 months old and have provided us with an absolute abundance of beautiful eggs!

Our chickens roam outdoors year-round where they enjoy a wild diet of grass and bugs. Their diet is supplemented with a nutritious, non-GMO feed. Crack an egg to see their gorgeous yellow yolks and make a stunning breakfast. They’re also great for baking, binding, or anything else you can dream up!


They aren't laying as much now that it's Winter again.  Come April we will have them for sale by the dozen at local markets and "curbside" pickup at the homestead.  Go to our Shop to order!


Meet the Chickens

Meet the Helens; plus Hennifer, Hank, & Hattie.  We now have Jon Mess & Tillian, two gorgeous Black Copper Marans roosters. 

Free Range Chicken Farm

Rules of the Roost


Don’t let any food go to waste!  The Helens will feed you their eggs… IF you feed them your food scraps. Most any scraps will do, but leftovers from restaurants are their favorite!


Leave eggs on the counter-top!  Washing removes the protective cuticle from the egg and causes it to spoil more quickly.  When unwashed, fresh eggs will keep at room temperature for several weeks!


Spend time with the Helens!
They’re social beings and absolutely love company. And they’re pretty entertaining too!

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