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Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea


Enjoy a cup of this SUPER nourishing tea as part of your daily tea routine to support your health.  This beautiful and mild tea is packed with  nutrients! Made with only the highest quality organic and responsibly sourced ingredients.  100% caffiene free.  No fillers.  Each unit contains 12 individual serving size bags and are compostable/biodegradable.


  • Nettle is rich in antioxidants including polyphenols, which protect against inflammation and disease.  It is a source of terpenoids, carotenoids, fatty acids, and more.  Nettle tea tastes quite similar to green tea. It features a mellow body with rich grassy and earthy flavors.


  • Lavender is known to calm nerves, promote better sleep, improve skin health, aid digestion, relieve asthma, and soothe chronic pain.  Lavender tea boasts a distinctive floral and sweet flavor.


  • Rosehips are known to prevent and treat colds, the flu, & nutrient deficiencies. High in vitamins and minerals and is valued for its anti-inflammatory properties, and more.  Rosehip tea features a delicate floral flavor with a tart aftertaste.



Be sure to talk to your doctor before you try any new herb or supplement.  Even all-natural foods and drinks like tea can cause allergic reactions or interact with certain medications. Some herbs and supplements can be harmful to people with certain health conditions.

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