Black and white picture of a young goat kid with spots



Welcome to Blazing Bear Homestead located in the Town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin just up the road from the Peshtigo Harbor State Wildlife Area and the Peshtigo River Delta Marshes State Natural Area.

This 3 acre forest is our little paradise.  A peaceful haven away from the pollution and population of the city.  Our mission is to create abundance for our family and community that works in harmony with nature.


Our very first Blazing Bear baby has been born!  Check out the Goats page to see all the cuteness you can handle.

Here is where we'll be setting up our Arts & Crafts booth:

     Fall Frenzy Craft Show in Marinette on October 1, 2022


Farm Fresh Eggs

Hand gathered eggs from our free-range beauties, laid in our little country coop located in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Our hens are brown egg layers, some lay very deep brown eggs, and some have speckles, too.  The shells are hard and yolks are large and golden.  We do not use any chemical antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides on our property.  Eggs are available to purchase at local Farmer's Markets and roadside at the homestead for $4 a dozen, with delivery available on Wednesdays for Peshtigo/Marinette/Oconto areas for $2.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We added 3 miniature goats to our family in 2021 with plans to breed so we can collect milk to make our own butter, cheese, and goat's milk soaps.  Nigerian Dwarf Goats are very productive milkers for their size and their milk is higher in protein and butterfat content than most other dairy breeds.  Our goats are also very helpful in clearing underbrush, bramble, and weeds that other animals won't touch.  The best thing about these little caprines is how playful, friendly, and smart they are.  We love spending time with them and laughing at their antics.  

Shop Small

We are makers and are now selling our handmade wares at Craft Shows and Farmers Markets.  Our online shop has apparel, mugs, totes and more featuring original illustrations by Casi, handcrafted bath & body products, beautiful candles, and more.

There are one of a kind crochet items such as colorful hats, costumes, shawls, dreamcatchers, keychains, wall hangings, festival wear, cross body bags, and headbands currently up for grabs.  Casi also takes custom orders for crochet projects.

We also have handcrafted scented fire starters that are made with foraged bark, flowers, and herbs put together with wax and a candle wick to make getting your fire going super fast.  The fire starters burn for at least 15 minutes and there are different styles and scents to choose from.  They are available here on our website.

We are taking pre-orders for Spring 2023 pure maple syrup that we make right here with the sap from our beautiful maple trees.  We plan to double production next year by tapping more trees and investing in equipment to make the sugaring process more efficient.

Drawing of a happy black bear for Blazing Bear Homestead
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