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Handcrafted at the Homestead

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Brazilian Orange Fire Starter
  • Brazilian Orange Fire Starter


    Our popular fire starters are a beautiful (and easy) way to get your fire going.  Just place it underneath your firewood and light the wick, it will burn for about 15 minutes.  They are an aesthetically pleasing fire starter that is an experience and a tangible gift all in one cute little package.  Perfect for camping, bonfires, wood burning stoves & fireplaces, patio parties, and a great gift for any outdoorsy person.


    These natural wax based fire starters are decorated with a variety of dried flowers, citrus peels, herbs, leaves, barks, and/or twigs depending on the style and scent.  Most of the dried materials are foraged directly from our homestead and the decorations on your fire starters will depend on what is currently available.

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